What was. What will happen. The summer farewell edition

As always, the newsreel of Hal Faber wants to sharpen the eye for the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a return and a preview.

What was. What will happen. The summer farewell edition

An almost dust-free Fairy Dust rocket, the logo of the CCC events. Also a reference to signals that come from outer space.

*** The End. Out. Finito. The Chaos Computer Camp was again very far out this year, but an introverted event without press coverage. There was a stream outside and many pictures of the dusty event and the nocturnal plays of light. All this was due to the fact that the site is limited to 5000 people and can not grow into the seemingly infinite as the Congress in Leipzig, the city of the Peaceful Revolution. After all, the talks are in the CCC library available and can be guaranteed to be consumed dust-free. So you can learn about it, what's all about Signals from outer space eintrudelt.

*** Something similar has been done by US President Trump. He was at the heavily secured G7 camp in Biarritz, a kind of lobby trip with Trump advertisement for Putin, and then flew back quickly; great tasks awaited him. As soon as he had the first 287 fighters on Thursday US Space Force Welcoming the fight with kamikaze satellites the enemy in space, he had his fun with a photo gallery. He was shown satellite images of Iran, where missile launch failed. Trump was so impressed by the sharpness of the recordings that he did Picture tweetedto "comfort" Iran. This should be the secret services of other states and also Iran itself happy, because now we know that the resolution in the US Enlightenment from a height of 380 km up to 10 cm exactly can be. Such sharp images have never seen the West and the East. What a magnificent Reconnaissance leak! This fits in with the message from "US military sources" that the US has launched a cyberattack against Iran, which the Iranian military has not "recovered" from. Whole databases should be gone. Maybe Trump is still tweeting one or the other photo of them, for the comfort of the mullahs.

*** Presidential Mouth does truth clarify? At once? Not quite, because with the asserted at the G7 summit in Biarritz claim that there are "high-level calls" on the limitation of the trade war with China
give, is one of the famous alternative facts, Thus, the political discourse is further poisoned, and not only in the US. With Boris Johnson another leader of the Western Value Union is about to kick-start democracy. He is sending the Parliament into forced leave for wanting to pull through any Brexit, with further negotiations in Brussels. At the same time, he says that there is still plenty of time to discuss Brexit. While his chief strategist Dominic Cummings one Culture of horror Johnson is the nice guy who wants to make things better. Only new elections he must after all he has offered possibilities avoid. Therefore, he is fully committed to Trump, because the trade agreement can be presented as an opportunity to make Britain big again. Maybe Johnson will sell him in return, garnished with pretty satellite imagery, the Chagos, The US, like Greenland, maintains a large base for ships and aircraft. Trump could be lured with it, the lost continent Lemuria to acquire. A whole continent! Schick would also look the crest, such a Stars and stripes between turtles,

*** Let's stay with Spy & Spy. This weekend, the German James Bond leaves his post. OK, Gerhard Conrad did not board the Aston Martin, throwing
not getting out of the plane to mop up others and being down to earth, of course, with a BND agent. What he achieved in numerous negotiations in some prisoner and body exchange, can be difficult to film even with a Daniel Craig. But the tension rises in a different way: Does it manage Ursula von der Leyen, in the wake of Conrad's farewell at INTCEN, the one of the Germans so beloved EU intelligenceto expand further? Is it not necessary, after the disappearance of the British secret services, to reorientate the common European surveillance efforts? The Federal Intelligence Service, the parent service that Gerhard Conrad will be leaving in November, will also benefit from this in the future in the new master's program "Dipl-Sp." to teach. Oh well, the new degree program is much fancier: "Intelligence and Security Studies". Yes, what were those times when BND was only allowed to use German codenames for running operations. For ever unattainable Operation Bunny Foot with the exploration of journalists – all of them are hare feet. Now the good old name tradition is continued only at Europol: Remember the Operation new territorywhich arrested Cryptotools producers of malware.

*** you believe Eliot HigginsThe murder of the Georgian or Chechen Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin is the act of a Russian intelligence agent or a man recruited by the Russian secret service. The derivation is instructive and shows which sources are available to informed researchers, but the real evidence is scant. The captured perpetrator arrived with a passport without biometric features with a visa over France issued to a non-existent address in Russia. His name "Vadim Sokolov" is not in the database where all Russian citizens are saved. So far, so bad, but the attribution to one of the intelligence agencies needs something more. After all, the offender is tattooed, which is prohibited to agents around the world. Thus, a mafia organization could be responsible for the murder of the order – or the tattoo is also a feint. In any case, it is teaching material for the new division "Intelligence and Security Studies".

All camps are coming to an end and summer is getting darker. Back to everyday life and everyday politics, if today and tomorrow, the elections in Saxony and Brandenburg commented and many bouquets are distributed. But Kawumm and Karacho will not really start until Wednesday, when the 2nd National Action Plan Open Government is decided by the Federal Cabinet. Hurray, hurray, which GroKo delivers. Chancellor Merkel has already announced in advance podcast Wise words found that you can learn about as many relationships. Yes, it is an open government partnership as a cozy cooperation of public authorities, politicians and citizens: …"It has a very important goal, at a time when we are experiencing technological change, especially through digitization, at a time when the world is growing ever closer, at a time when we are facing major challenges, such as corruption It is very important for governments to act transparently and for citizens to be informed about as many contexts as possible. " Any resemblance to FragDenStaat is either random or satire, of course.


At the use of ankle cuffs, the critical spirits part in the dispute over the Bavarian police task law. The latter is for these demonstrators smooth an ankle bracelet of the rule of law.

(Picture: NoPAG)

Where there is transparency, the rescuer is close, you could go around. In the case of the Bavarian state government, it leads to a surprise: The possible since 2017 use of electronic shackles to monitor terrorists with terrorist intentions is mainly used in relationship terrorists. In 9 out of 12 Cases in which the mission has been deployed so far were cases of domestic violence, starting from impending men. This little side note is under "What will", because the Bavarian police task law was criticized by experts. Among other things, this law regulates the use of the ankle bracelet. The criticism of the experts is mainly about the concept of "imminent danger," as it emanates from an ankle strap compared to another person. Now there is one fast correction as Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann promised. This is all independent of the legal lawsuits against the law. And where are we already at the sports field correction: who corrected in the Bayern-CSU this social media garbage?


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