What was. What will. Of pillars and their saints

As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview.

*** For Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer there are four pillars on which the digital security of Germany is based. At the press conference for Management report of the BSI on the cyber threat situation in Germany, which is now tense, Seehofer praised the four pillars: the Federal Police, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Office for Information Security and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution are responsible for digital protection in Germany. One may wonder about the Federal Police, but they are known to be responsible for the borders and there is also a digital border between digital Germany and other countries, Ether space called. Goods and data are checked at this digital border when they leave and enter, such as Trojans on their way to Egypt or Turkey.

22 meter high BND palm made of steel with the name “0 ° latitude” and without eavesdropping technology, you need that elsewhere.

*** This week the pillars multiplied. In addition to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the State Offices of the Protection of the Constitution, the Military Counter-Intelligence Service and the Federal Intelligence Service now have expanded powers the extremist ulcers in our society to oppose something, namely the sources TKÜ. The “constitutional protection law”, as it is called in the BMI link, is being amended. The services are allowed to record or overhear conversations or text messages that are processed via Messenger. The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection finds this questionable, and telecommunications providers who worry about the loss of the confidentiality of information technology systems reject it, but it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, the SPD agreed to this expansion of the secret service work. The Shadow chancellor, the powerful network expert Saskia Esken gave her approval for the amendment to the law because it is the fight against right-wing extremist networks could be better managed. Where there is an ulcer, there has to be a knife, where a messenger, it has to be plain text.

*** Even more: the TK provider should help set up the source TKÜ. The suspicion that in a harmless update a software for the “diversion” of the communication can be hidden before the encryption or after the decryption, soon belongs to our everyday life. If this continues, the still frowned-upon online searches of computers and telephones will soon follow. It says in a cocky tone: “The regulation of the sources TKÜ does not expand the legal possibilities of telecommunication surveillance, but ensures that the perpetrators can no longer evade the investigation technically by choosing the means of communication.” This is of course nonsense, because there will certainly be systems like Encrochat that are optimized so that people avoid being informed by choosing the means of communication.

*** Let’s stay with the Seehofer pillar. Also that week he refused to take one Racism Study in the Police to agree. Instead, there will be a study on everyday racism, which will investigate “the development and spread of discriminatory acts in civil society, in business and companies as well as public institutions”. That’s not even funny. Seehofer is a sad individual case that does not want to understand what the conflict and violence researcher Wilhelm Heitmeyer formulated like this: “Every society has a right to know what is going on in the institutions that it has endowed with the monopoly of violence, with power and weapons. No society should allow itself to be sealed off like this.” The interview, which is well worth reading, also contains a passage on right-wing extremism, which Saskia Esken seems to be right: “I’m afraid that parts of politics have still not understood how dangerous the situation is now. There is a differentiation and dynamization of groups to the point of increased terrorism.”

*** For 20 years the Digitization of administration with giant strides somehow. Soon, thanks to the Online Access Act (OZG), almost 600 administrative files will be handled with the computer: the wait will be over. Working from home has now become standard, due to the measures taken to protect against infection. Nevertheless, the Conference of Ministers of Education this week managed to prevent all representatives of all federal states by Video circuit could vote together on uniform protective measures in schools because they did not have online access. That is why there are no uniform measures. It fits in with the fact that the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute for schools are simple ignored will. It almost seems as if we are in the time of the first German mainframe computer live that ebb and flow calculated at the time of the Spanish flu.

Tide calculator? There are more difficult things. Let’s just take the matter of time. The Clocks adjust, the oven finally shows the right time again. The newspaper of the bright minds advertises that it can now read the Sunday edition for an hour longer. This is how you create planning security. This was also given to Edward Snowden, who was granted permanent residence in Russia. On the one hand, this is gratifying, on the other hand, a permanent situation is emerging that does not make the situation any easier for Snowden as a speaker at various technology conferences. The situation is even more desperate for Julian Assange, who 10 years ago with Wikileaks published the US protocols documenting war crimes in the Iraq war. Following the documents from Afghanistan released in June 2010, the republication of US documents broke the barrel. It should be remembered that Fox News, the current house broadcaster of US President Trump, demanded at the time that Wikileaks employees be classified as hostile fighters so that extrajudicial steps can be taken. Now, as is well known, Assange is standing before a British court that is supposed to decide on his extradition to the USA. But the question is whether this procedure is still legally legitimate. The question is serious, but also a Stuff for satirists become.

Sankyo digital: just like our solar system. Fortunately, that will not be changed this weekend, only the clocks.

After the last face-to-face debate between President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden, there have been enough commentators who found Trump quite mannerly, despite the fact that, as usual, he presented a series of lies and perversions. But that’s not enough. If he loses the election, he should sit with his “family business” on a mountain of debt of at least 400 million dollars, with continued declining income. The question remains, what will Trump do in the next 10 days Companies to change his predicament. The “October surprise” with Hunter Biden’s hard drive did not have the desired success. One possible consequence: three sentences of class hatred with gloomy ones Perspectives. We live in interesting times, as always.


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