What was. What will. Surrounded by quotes in the middle of life.

As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to focus on the details: the Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview.

*** “Au Widelsehern Amlerika! Have good FrLug runtel! Plinted in China.” <- That's a quote. I don't want to adopt this form of "German humor" in this one T-shirt print is expressed. But I would like to be able to quote it, because how could one convey such narrow-mindedness in the subjunctive? Party chairman Martin Sonneborn had a t-shirt printed with which he was depicted by the resigned, worn-out US President Donald Trump and himself congenial partner Melania adopted. He wished them both a good flight to Mar al Lago and pointed out that the T-shirt, like all MAGA Little Red Riding Hoods, was made in China. This description could hardly make it clear why the party vice Nico Semsrott is leaving the party, and that entirely humorlos explained. The quote explains in a nutshell how narrow-minded satire can be and is therefore necessary. You can do that too This text the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (for those in the know: FAZ) read about Nico Semsrott, which contains 17 quotations from Semsrott.

*** This week the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) has one comment published on copyright law, which wants to make any form of citation liable to costs and rejects a de minimis limit of 1000 or 500 characters. In old freedom follows a quote with 941 characters about the valuable work of journalists, Reda, Reda her: “But what would happen? The interplay of the wide de minimis barrier with a long complaint procedure destroys the value of press content, regardless of whether it is text, graphics or photos. Local and regional publishers report from regions to which no news agency provides material; They cover world events. That forces the brevity in which journalistic craft lies. Exactly this craft should be subject to the de minimis barrier. The complaint procedure can then take up to a week. But then this content has become worthless in the news business. So it is one The same applies to photos: only after seven days and after the photographer has proven his ownership, he would get back the economic power of disposal over his photo. The de minimis barrier should therefore not only be reduced to 500 characters, but should be deleted without replacement. “ No quote, nowhere.

*** In the US this is detailed work-up the Capitol Riots got under way. The “storm” has many consequences and facets, of which the uncertain reasoning top twitterer isn’t even the most surprising. During the such deplatformized President Donald Trump grabs his golf clubs and ruled his Vice President leaves, he thinks about leaving the White House with a pompous military parade of his choice. To make matters worse, one of its main donors has died. Sheldon Adelson was the man who once founded the Interface Group and brought the Comdex computer fair to Las Vegas with it. Casino billionaire Adelson was also involved in the Consumer Electronics Show for entertainment electronics, which was only held online this time. The last time Adelson got into the talk was when a jet from his Las Vegas Sands Corporation caught the released spy Jonathan Pollard flew out to Israel. He now flies after him, because Adelson had wished to be buried in Israel. Whenever Adelson was traveling in Europe, he booked the Spanish security company Undercover Global, who looked after his yachts and planes. The last time this company got into talk was when it was booked for the security service of the Ecuadorian embassy and installed video cameras and bugs en passant to spy on Julian Assange. Whether there is a connection to Donald Trump is fodder for conspiracy specialists.

*** 30 years ago the Operation Desert Storm against Iraq. She is said to have tipped the young Australian Julian Assange to drop out of his mathematics studies when he learned that his faculty at the University of Melbourne was doing calculations for a heavy clearance equipment used in this Gulf War Grizzly Plough performed. After the end, Assange found some inspiration on the Cypherpunks mailing list. He is now in jail until the US objection to his extradition proceedings is negotiated. How will Joe Biden deal with the Assange cause after his inauguration? Other whistleblowers such as Reality Winner also deserve a pardon or a suspension of imprisonment. In one open letter about her expulsion from the publication platform she co-founded The Intercept reminded the Berlin-based filmmaker Laura Poitras of the fate of Winner and the inglorious role that Intercept journalists played in exposing the whistleblower. Winner had leaked to the platform copied secret documents on Russian influence in Donald Trump’s election campaign, which allowed conclusions to be drawn about the copier.

A computer game addict has become head of the CDU despite violent hacker attacks and has left the party’s understanding of women and would-be federal minister of economics behind. What is to come with him, if he is involved in the government under Chancellor Söder, is a digital ministry that is serious about all this digitality. It should get the best grades from all over Europe, says the man who has already done so Invented notes Has. It will be interesting to see how this digitalization will end in the first place. But after all, a fax machine is also a digital device that converts gray levels into numerical values ​​or something. Anyway, it is Foundation for a digital awakening which is faster than 14,400 bits per second. Yes, “the world has become more fragile than ever” and is becoming more and more fragile every day. And digitization is becoming more and more digital. It’s screaming as if digitization itself was the goal. It’s just supposed to make our lives easier. That is a goal; but that some people obviously lose sight of.

Things got very fragile in the Netherlands, wherever something gone terribly wrong is. SyRI, the algorithm that steals aid should uncover, was honored with a Big Brother Award in 2019, because it was used particularly in neighborhoods with low incomes and accordingly plunged the poor into financial hardship. Now a new government is supposed to take over, but the new elections promise old conditions.

The interested network public is eagerly awaiting the public hearing of experts that is to take place on the planned “repaired” statutory inventory data information. Allegedly it is about micro-surgical interventions, but at the same time one resorts to very rough blocks when sentences such as “Hate and agitation on the Internet produce murderers” are used.

After all, an expert opinion can already be can be read. Need a little quote? “The draft law suffers from a terminological fallacy. It is a mistake to believe that existing data in the telecommunications sector can simply be equated with existing data in the telemedia sector. Instead, a separate assessment of the relevance of these data to basic rights for the freedom of citizens is required.” The discussion will certainly continue – and ultimately the repaired law should also be assessed by the Federal Constitutional Court.


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