What was. What will. The curse of living in interesting times.

As always, Hal Faber's newsreel would like to sharpen the eye for the details: The Sunday newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a look back and a preview.

*** Last year, back in 2019, it's been a long time, the Venice Biennale had a strange motto. The performance show of modern art started with the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times", Now we are writing 2020 and live in these damn interesting times after the US comes up
Order of U.S. President Donald Trump with a murder of an Iranian tied up the fragile world peace with the wrecking ball. Then a few rockets hailed. Apparently they were Days of anger came over, but then came the news that it would take a rocket a few seconds to forcefully end flight PS 752. Now Iran regrets that "unintentional" launchwhich resulted in the deaths of 176 people. There are different numbers about the nationalities of the dead, but it must be pointed out that from the Islamic Republic of Iran's perspective, the majority of the dead were Iranians because an Iranian can never lose his citizenship. This was one of the reasons why President Hassan Rohani had to speak of a "terrible mistake" that killed Iranians.

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Will it be ethical to turn off a conversation computer sitting on a lonely old person's bed?

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*** After all, the further investigations of the accident should no longer be hindered, very differently than with Launch of flight IR 655 through the USA in 1988 (PDF file). It took eight years to get one under President Clinton Excuse me was heard from the United States and relatives were paid pain and suffering. What is still unclear about the appearance of this little newsreel is the "terrible mistake": If the assumption is correct and one SA-15 Gauntlet then we are dealing with the case of an autonomous weapon system that made its decision within seconds. As it says in Wikipedia: "Approaching targets can be automatically classified according to risk potential and combated without operator intervention." Any stationed SA-15 system must have rated the departure as an approach. The official explanation of a "defect in the communication system" doesn't sound particularly reassuring. SA-15 systems are also used in Europe, in Greece and Turkey.

*** This brings us to the question of how autonomously computers can kill and how such computers can be turned off. In line with this question, a 25-year-old article has been published again in which the philosopher Daniel Dennett wondered if HAL killed 9000. Twenty-five years later, as editor of the book on HAL's mathematical performance at the time, David Stork asked: "Will it be ethical to switch off a conversation computer that sits on the bed of a lonely old person?" A question that deals with the Home Care Robot from Medisana who rolls through the apartment together with people and provides entertainment. Maybe Dennett will help, because this definition of consciousness has something: "The conscious human mind is something like a sequential virtual machine that – inefficiently – is implemented on the parallel hardware that evolution gave us."

*** With an extraordinarily elegant website The Duchess and Duke of Sussex have said goodbye to the British public, who has shown its intolerant, narrow-minded side. It was celebrated only briefly, now it is time to leave the island to live a livable, also "geographical balance" in a clear distance from this bitterness. With Popo, the death clown A remarkable column by author A.I. Kennedy on Brexit life, in which she describes what it means to live in a blandness where #RuinedChristmas was the most important hashtag in the country. "Are we going to go at the speed of light or just the speed of sound? Or at the speed of diluted sauce? We do not know it. And while most are waiting for the numerous disasters to come together, the others are waiting for them to disappear: blacks, Muslims, EU citizens, Jews, disabled people, leftists, homosexuals, young people, readers, comedians, lawyers, vegetarians, authors. The usual list. "

*** Where's the positive? As is so often the case, it comes from the archives before the day before yesterday. This time it comes from Albert Camus, a few of which have been found in the General de Gaulle archive. Camus writes about at a time when he was fighting against collaboration with the German occupiers elites: "The elites of our country understood this and started the liberation war in order to continue speaking. But to be able to speak, you have to count on the possibility of your own disappearance. From this disappearance, as in 1919, like maybe tomorrow, it can result that the elite loses its language. As in 1919, like maybe tomorrow, the others will then take over, those who pretended to be witnesses at the critical moment and were basically just cautious."We also need those who do not hide in the crowd of cautious people and dare to speak. This includes speaking out against biometric facial recognition and also that encroaching BND law to negotiate against the malice of BND contributors by process Hanseln waffling and holding their big bellies.

Boredom, even though the times are so interesting? I would like to suggest a little game with which you can wonderfully pass the time until the next stop. As an attentive, responsible and surfing citizen, you often end up on the information or advertising pages of our federal government. Finally, there is this digitalization that everyone has to face. Even if the new workers party FDP / ML thinks that our government Will and strength for a digital ministry are missing, there are still many, many ministries and many more projects that all competently turn the digital wheel. The game goes like this: If you are on a page of the federal government, the ministries or the projects, take the domain name and replace it with an .org address, as in or

An example: Suppose you want to get out of these interesting times, ideally into next year if a large-scale cyber attack on the Federal Government is bravely warded off at LÜKEX 21. You can get to here for public information about the business game, but also at The assumption is obvious that there are so many other org addresses that you could even make a drinking game out of them. With surprises, of course. Take and end up with the federal government, take and end up at in nirvana.

"As in 1919, like maybe tomorrow, the others will then take over, those who pretended to be witnesses at the critical moment and were basically just cautious." (Albert Camus)

The explanation comes with the message that we have been living among vultures since it became known that an investment company was in the management of .org want to shop. So the vultures circle over the Internet and we with them. Germany owns as Encryption site no.1 also the domain and apparently lots of other .org domains, but no one knows more precisely, that would benefit the cyber attackers, the cyber eggs, as it does in the Federal Government Response (PDF file) on a written question from Anke Domscheit-Berg to the .org situation means:

"The Federal Government is monitoring the ongoing sales project for the top level domain ".org" by the Internet Society (ISOC) to the US investment company Ethos Capital and will closely examine further developments – also with regard to the .org domains used by the Federal Government , Attached is a list of the .org domains used by the federal government, including the divisional authorities. This document has been classified as VS – ONLY FOR SERVICE USE (VS-NfD). Reason: The requested list of .org domains is information that was previously not publicly available. According to the Federal Government, there are not insignificant security concerns regarding a public release, since adverse effects on the security of the information technology of the Federal Administration can be expected. In particular, aggregated information about domains used by the federal government could be suitable to enable or at least decisively facilitate a successful attack on federal information technology – for example "DNS hi-jacking" and "DDoS" attacks."


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