What's going on at Binance: 1 Syscoin costs 96 BTC

According to the news in Itsblockchain, something happened to Binas users who could not believe their eyes on the screen yesterday at 23:40 CET.

An unidentified person pays 96 BTC for $ 630,000 for 1 Syscoin.

This event was a technical glitch or a hack, or was it a whistle Was it a managed market manipulation?

Meanwhile, a Turkish twitter user @Satoshitesla about the subject, 205 from Syscoin with 0.99 BTC, and the answer of these questions will be clear only with the statement of the Binance team. 122 BTC, 13152 from 1.1 BTC, 1 from 6 BTC, 1 from 35 BTC and 11 from 96 BTC

The reaction of some other Turkish twitter users was as follows: [19659002]