What's New in One One UI 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung recently released the One UI 2.0 update for the Galaxy S10. What innovations did the One UI 2.0 bring? In this content, we look at the innovations in the Galaxy S10, which have the One UI 2.0 interface.

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone company, was not widely praised for software updates. Samsung smartphone users generally had to wait a long time to upgrade their device to a new Android version. However SamsungThis year, things stepped up a bit more and the Galaxy S10 series received the Android 10 update in November along with the October security updates.

Samsung, Galaxy S10 users with Android 10 update as well as the updated version of the new interface One UI One UI 2.0 is also offered. One UI 2.0 delivers a small performance boost on the Galaxy S10, battery more time to update the interface to take the user experience to a higher level. However, before reviewing the innovations that come with One UI 2.0, let's take a brief summary.

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What's new in the Samsung Galaxy S10 family with One UI 2.0:

  • Full screen scrolling gestures
  • Advanced one-hand operation mode
  • New media and devices
  • Enhanced biometric security
  • New battery usage graph
  • New smartphone usage statistics screen
  • Advanced Samsung applications (Internet, Contacts, Messages, etc.)
  • Preloaded Android Auto app
  • Uninstalling Android Beam
  • AR Doodle added and renewed interface camera application
  • Display and selfie recording feature

One UI 2.0 Overview

To be honest, the One UI 2.0 interface does not make a revolutionary change to the Galaxy S10 family. Rather, it makes its already acclaimed and working interface even more functional and modern. Especially in terms of visual innovation If you're waiting, we can say that you will be disappointed with One UI 2.0. One UI 2.0 enhances the functionality and enhances the user experience.

Google's new navigation bar, Galaxy S10 family also came

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One of the most prominent innovations of the UI 2.0, the stock Android 10 interface, scrolling navigation bar, the Galaxy S10 family has also come. Samsung has three separate screens at the bottom of One UI 2.0. navigation bar adding; back, application switching and home screen keys with these bars. One UI 2.0 allows you to perform all functions on a single bar.

A much more advanced camera application

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Together with the Galaxy S10 family, Samsung has switched to an unprecedented multi-camera installation on its flagships. One UI 2.0 is for the most functional and easy use of Samsung’s advanced cameras interface visually updating. It is possible to say that this update has also improved the image quality relatively.

Built-in screen and selfie camera recording

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If you're producing mobile gaming content, you'll be delighted by this feature. Because with One UI 2.0, it can record 1080p, 720p or 480p resolutions and also screen record You can also add images from the front camera. Although this feature is highly functional for content producers, let's mention that it causes some performance issues.

Suggested answers

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This feature is compatible with all messaging applications. So long and long you don't want to answer you will be able to respond to messages in a practical way.

Advanced battery and device safety statistics

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Samsung phones already have a device maintenance feature. However, Samsung, One UI 2.0 with this interface and allows users to get more information and have more control.

Set a reverse wireless charge limit

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Reverse wireless charging, any device with wireless charging support Galaxy S10 made it possible to sing with your model. Together with the One UI 2.0, Samsung has set a limit to this feature. This means that the device you are charging will not be able to exploit your device until the battery is depleted.

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