WhatsApp Can Add $ 10 Billion to Facebook's Revenue

Social media giant Facebook made over $ 60 billion last year. According to studies, it turned out that he could add another 10 billion dollars to this amount almost overnight. So how?

If we look at the last year, the popular messaging application WhatsAppWe can see that has grown unprecedented. It is a known fact that such a growth is unprecedented in the history of mobile applications. If we recall, Pokemon Go exploded in just a few months with a loading from zero to half a billion. In addition, we saw that TikTok has achieved an incredibly fast 614 million new users, but the biggest success so far is in a single year. 760 million you have WhatsApp with the new user.

According to mobile expert Eric Seufert, the fastest thing WhatsApp owned by Facebook is making money. Last financial resources Looking at Facebook's average revenue per user is over $ 7. According to the analysis, it turns out that WhatsApp can add $ 5 to $ 10 billion to Facebook revenue.

WhatsApp is the first choice in many countries


India, the Caribbean, the United States… Their common point is that WhatsApp is the most preferred among the messaging applications. In addition to being the main platform that people use to communicate, app marketing draws attention as the epicenter of marketing, advertising posts and political campaigns. So much so that if you look at the number of downloads in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa in recent months, WhatsApp leader In the case.


Facebook Quit Showing Ads on WhatsApp

We can say that these analyzes are some of the sources on which the news of buying advertisements are based on the application, which has been introduced recently and said to be abandoned later. As a result of the reactions, Facebook, which has taken a step back for now, over a billion We will watch and see how to make a WhatsApp user cash.

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