Whatsapp: Facebook buys 10 percent of Indian mobile phone market leader

Although Facebook remains a social network for many people in North America and Europe, the company is a fairly large investor in other areas in other countries. This confirms the investment of $ 5.7 billion in the Indian company Jio Platforms, which is itself part of the multi-group Reliance Industries. From the investment report both Facebook as well as Jio in respective press releases.

Job market

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Jio Platforms builds software applications for the Indian market and is the owner of Jio Infocomm, the country's largest telecommunications company with 388 million mobile customers. According to Jio, Jio is responsible for the expansion of a large 4G network in India. Facebook's capital gives the social network a 9.99 percent stake in the company and the place as the largest minority investor.

Whatsapp as a communication tool for small business owners

Facebook wants to bring its own products together with Jio products. According to the company, the Jiomart app is to be connected to Facebook's Messenger Whatsapp. "We can enable people to network with companies, browse there, and ultimately buy products in a comprehensive mobile solution", writes the social network. Whatsapp is well suited for this idea because the program is very popular and widespread in India. It is even so deeply rooted in everyday Indian life that it is now used as a synonym in various Indian language dialects.

Jio also seems to have a similar agenda. With the help of Facebook, the company wants to reach even more potential customers of the 1.3 billion inhabitants in India. The focus is on small businesses and farmers who can network with buyers via Jio applications and Facebook's Whatsapp.

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