WhatsApp Shot Ban Hammer on Third Table

WhatsApp has decided to temporarily ban third-party applications that add extra features to remove unofficial versions. All users who use third-party versions that add unofficial and extra features to the app, are in danger of being temporarily banned by users according to a recent gossip spread over the internet. If they want to access their speech history and accounts again, they have to download the actual and current version of the application. The reason why these unofficial applications are preferred according to the actual application is their useful features. As of this moment, such features are not available for the time being. Nevertheless, WhatsApp, one of the world's largest communications applications, has been introducing innovations for some time to maintain its position. Features such as advanced message search and easier file transfer are just some of them.

Although third-party applications offer useful and flamboyant features, using such applications is both a threat to privacy and file security. The users of such applications are left unaware of the situation, unfortunately, at the mercy of the software developer of the application. As we have seen before, malicious people can use the data they have captured with such applications to make cyber attacks.

WhatsApp has targeted users of these applications to oppose this situation. The user has to download the official application and open his account after seeing the message that he is temporarily banned. In this case, which is at risk of completely eliminating speech histories, our suggestion is that users should stay away from such practices in terms of privacy and data security.