WhatsApp Takes New Security Measures

Whatsapp, which stands out in the security measures with its end-to-end encryption system, takes the job to an advanced dimension, adding the fingerprint locking system to its application. Facebook's widespread messaging platform has begun working on a lock system that will use fingerprints on Android phones

. It was seen that WABetaInfo discovered and updated on a site that was following the development of WhatsApp.

As a result of the update, you will be asked for the fingerprints when you open WhatsApp. Moreover, this new measure will not only protect your personal conversations. WABetaInfo stated that the application would be fully protected, so users would have to prove themselves before entering WhatsApp.


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Last July, WhatsApp admitted that the message encryption system could be overcome by criminals and terrorists. As a result of this new fingerprint factor, access to encrypted conversations by security services will be severely hampered.