WhatsApp: Trial of spying by NSO goes into a new round

The US court case for a large-scale spying attack on the WhatsApp chat service is heading for a new round after an initial success for Facebook. Israeli surveillance software provider NSO requested that the default judgment last week be overturned. Facebook joined the demand on Monday so that the content of the case would be decided.

Facebook sued NSO in October last year. This was the first time the online network defended itself against spying attacks on its popular messaging service WhatsApp. The complaint in the lawsuit is that NSO tried to gain access to hundreds of smartphones via a security hole in WhatsApp that was later closed. The target groups included journalists, lawyers, dissidents, human rights defenders, diplomats and government officials.

Last week, the California court, at Facebook's request, found that NSO had not responded to the lawsuit within set time limits. NSO now counters that the Facebook lawyers had applied for a default judgment too early because the formalities for the delivery of the lawsuit had not yet been completed at that time. At the same time, the Israeli company points out that it only provides its software to investigative and secret services, but does not operate it itself.


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