When it was revealed that Apple will hear its new AirPods

Luke Miani announced that Apple will hold an event on May 18, consisting of press releases and updates on the website. According to Miani, at this event, Apple’s new Hi-Fi powered AirPods and Apple Music’s Hi-Fi subscription package will be announced.

In a news we shared with you a few days ago, the US-based technology giant Apple’s a new AirPods is preparing for the announcement and will bring a new subscription package to Apple Music with these headphones. we mentioned. It is claimed that this wireless headset will have Hi-Fi support and the subscription package to Apple Music will also Exclusive to Hi-Fi would be. Now emerging information reveals when these AirPods will be announced.

According to the statements made by Luke Miani, known for his leaks on Apple, Apple, On May 18 will perform an event. However, this event will not be as spectacular as what has been done so far. Miani is an event for the event, just like the AirPods Pro. Press release He says that the new AirPods will be served with the updates to be made on the website.

Allegedly, the new AirPods will be similar to AirPods Pro in terms of design.

AirPods Pro

On Apple’s new AirPods, which is said to announce on May 18 cleared there is no information. However, the expectations are that the design of the wireless headset will be like AirPods. As for the technical features, the new AirPods are as advanced as the AirPods Pro. will not have is being considered. All of these will be revealed within the scope of the event to be held.


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By the way, although the source of the claim is reliable of june It should not be forgotten that it is very important to Apple. Because the company will hold a software-focused event called WWDC in June. As part of this event, new versions of mobile operating systems such as iOS and iPadOS will be introduced. But Apple, if it wants, new AirPods and other products can also announce at this event. The coming days are full of things for Apple fans …