When prices are reduced by expert opinion, when are crypto money sold?

In a recent CNBC report, if the price reached a low point in a dangerous way, the crypto gave important ideas for investors about when the currency would be sold.

3 conditions

showing that you sell crypto money when prices fall by expert opinion

Bitcoin prices have risen since the beginning of May. Bitcoin was expected to exceed $ 10,000, but fell below $ 8,500.

Condition 1

Reporter Brian Kelly, a money manager, Bitcoin investor and recognized as a financial advisor, has been looking for investors to pay attention to investing in Bitcoin 3 he said. The first condition is thesis change.

Requirement 2

The next requirement is to check whether new information about the market affects crypt money or not. If the crypto affects the money positively, investors do not have to worry.

Condition 3

The third requirement is to have a predetermined stopping point. For example, what if the investor invested about $ 3, and if the investor had to sell the money and the price dropped to $ 2, what should the investor do?