When will Android P be promoted?

Evan Blass, known for his hot spots, announced the launch date for the Android P.

Android, the newest version of Android, the world's most popular mobile operating system, has been around for quite a while to be introduced. Evan Blass, known for its consistent leak, will announce when the stable version of Android P, expected to be the most powerful version of Android, will be available until now.

Google will officially introduce the new version of its mobile operating system on August 20 . Google has not made an official statement about the issue.


If we think about Google introducing Android Nougat on August 22nd and Android Oreo on August 21st, we can say that the dates are consistent.
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Google plans to offer a much more user interface with Android P users. The changing navigation buttons are the biggest indicator of this. In the meantime, it's still unknown what name the Android P will get. The biggest candidates are Android Pistachio, Pumpkin Pie, or Android Pie only.