When you play LoL (League of Legends) your device is mining!

Crypto money theft is not new. Websites, downloaded files, and even cloud-based systems can now contain small viruses that allow you to perform unauthorized mining. The latest victim of these rogue software is the popular video game LoL (League of Legends).

Malware is making Monero mining

A Reddit user who is not exaggerated to say he has eyes like an eagle, a League of Legends servers, malicious discovered a crypto mining software.

It is suggested that the key reason why the decrypted crypto money is chosen as Monero is that it has top secret privacy specifications that the crypto money has.

The new goal of the thieves is LoL

These malicious software for secret mining cause the processed device to be extremely slow due to the heavy processing it has to do during mining.

Malicious code was eventually found and cleared by security engineers.

On July 9 at 14.16 (GMT + 8), an unauthorized modification of the League of Legends PH customer lobbies, to which a specific JavaScript code was added, was made. This code consumes the CPU resources of the computers and performs Blockchain mining on the affected computers.

The sentence also included a statement that previously affected people would no longer encounter any problems.

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