Which of your secret nationalities was prepared by the BBC? test

According to the answers given to the test on the BBC website, you can see which nationality is suitable for the culture and structure.

The BBC published a very interesting test through its official website. By responding to only 20 different questions, you can see which country your character is more compatible with culture than culture.

Obviously, as someone who has read French Language and Literature, at the end of the test, with the 'France', the test is definitely going to be 'time-tested' loss' from the pointless questionnaires. You can click here to solve the test. We also share the Turkish translation of the questions in the test for you. So you can easily answer questions by looking from below.

BBC – What is Your Secret Nationality?

I'm a talker.
I have a full-time job
I am comfortable and unstressed.
I always fight people.
There is a delicate construction.
I have a forgiving nature.
I can be described as irregular.
There is a production worried too much.
I have an effective imagination.
I can be described as a quiet person.
I'm lazy.
There is an emotionally stable construction and I can not be disappointed quickly.
I can say that I am a creative person.
I am a shy and shy person.
I am polite to almost everyone.
I do my work efficiently.
I prefer to work in routine jobs.
I am a social person who frequents outside.
Sometimes rude to people.
I'm interested in a few art areas.



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