WHO Has Begun To Investigate Those Who Have Been Recovered In Coronavirus

According to reports from South Korea, positive results were encountered in tests performed on cases that survived COVID-19 disease. While the life of the virus is thought to be more than known, the World Health Organization started its research on the subject.

New type coronavirus (Covid-19) As the case continues to spread, the World Health Organization (WHO), as the case confirmed in America this weekend, and the total number of deaths is quite high improved appearing as Covidien-19 in patients the virus reactivated started to research his reports.

Tests of those who survived COVID-19 are positive.


According to current World Health Organization recommendations, COVID-19 patients are two consecutive days negative If it gives results, it is considered as healed. According to the statement made by the South Korean authorities last Friday, before the coronavirus caught and showing improvement discharged A second positive diagnosis for COVID-19 was made in 91 patients.

In the press release, Jeong Eun-kyeong, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mani fired coronavirus in the systems of people who have previously survived this disease (rather than re-infected) "Reactivate" said it might have caused him to come. Before determining WHO is aware of what is happening in South Korea, but whether these cases offer new insights into the disease additional research is said to do.

WHO made a statement on the subject, "Some patients have positive tests (PCR tests) after clinical recovery. are aware but to better understand how long the live virus came out of the body, a systematic example of healed patients collection of we need" made statements.

The life span of the virus may be more than known.


In line with the existing information, you life time, after the patient begins to experience symptoms such as fever or shortness of breath. two weeks is known to be up. If the life time of COVID-19 is already known and accepted beyond is and so on infectious If the information that he / she has remained is correct, in quarantine periods and decisions taken by public health officials. major changes it is predicted that it might happen.

New species for now, according to WHO's statement coronavirus The reason for positive tests of patients who survived understood, "We are in close communication with experts and more about these cases information We are working hard to get it. When samples from suspect patients were collected for testing procedures it's important to make sure it's being tracked. " expressions are included.

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