Who is Feza Gürsey?

Feza which is the most important scientists Gürsey raised by Turkey, was commemorated in 27.yıl of death. So, who is Turkish and Feza Gürsey significant contribution to the world scientific community?

Feza Turkey's interests that the most successful names in the field of physics Gürsey welcoming the departure of 27 years expires. In 1921, an educated family of the child as the Gürsey Feza born mother of Turkey's read the first female students in science fields and the Sorbonne first doctorate in chemistry at the University of Turkish women who Remziye at Hisar. [19659003] Gürsey's father, Rashid Gürsey In addition to being a military physician, he went back to Europe to follow the developments in mathematics and physics and then became a physics teacher. Coming from an educated family, Gürsey's interest in art increased when he started to meet with the intellectual circles of Istanbul at a young age.


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Feza Gürsey who has a high school education at Galatasaray High School, completed his undergraduate education in Istanbul University, Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Physics Department. Feza Gürsey, who had the chance to undertake the PhD education at Imperial College in England, completed her doctorate with the thesis dı Applications of Quaternions to Field Equations, and started her postdoctoral studies.

Gürsey got married by Süha Gürsey in 1952 and had a son named Yusuf in 1954.

Having received his associate professorship in 1953, Feza Gürsey made a lot of effort to establish one of the theoretical physics departments at Istanbul University. He did his own training and self-development, and continued to do research at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Princeton University and Columbia University.

Gürsey joined METU in 1961, alternating at METU and Yale University until 1974. he served as lecturer. Feza Gürsey served as chairman of Yale University in 1974 and continued to work here until 1990.

Gürsey held visiting professorships at the College de France and Academia di Lincei. Working with some of the awards that not only in Turkey, which has made a name for itself in the world scientific community Gürsey Order as follows:

TÜBİTAK Science Award – 1969
J.R. Oppenheimer – 1977
Einstein Medal – 1979
Medal for College de France – 1981
Honor Doctor of Istanbul University – 1981
HUNGRY. Morrison Award – 1981
Of Italian Commentadore – 1984
The Wigner Medal – 1986
Turkish – American Scientists and Engineers Association's Distinguished First Award – 1989
Galatasaray Education Foundation Medal – 1991



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In addition, he was also nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in Physics. Feza Gürsey, who retired after being diagnosed with cancer in 1990, passed away at Yale Hospital on April 13, 1992.