Why are Plane Cruises so Expensive?

In addition to air travel, every additional preference we make is very cheap compared to the previous one.

The rate of air travel preference for transportation is increasing rapidly all over the world every year. As it is fast, safe and comfortable, the only bad thing about the air way which is now almost everyone's first preference is extra charges for services.

Although the ticket prices are quite low compared to the past, the situation is not so obvious. The fact that the prices were so high during the early periods when the flight was almost a luxury was in fact a logical reason. Getting a plane ticket meant that you would pay for the hotel and your food-and-drink at the place you went, and it was actually a pack.

However, with some changes in the sector, ticket prices have not fallen and services have begun to separate gradually. First of all the services such as the cost of this hotel were dismantled and only the airport and in-flight services started to take place in the prices of the tickets. The system, which has been progressing for a long time, has come into the market together with crude oil prices, which increased suddenly in 2008.



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Along with rising oil prices, airline companies took a step to stabilize their economies and began to redistribute services. We saw that almost every service became paid when we said informing with seat selection, meal selection, extra baggage, sms.

So, in fact, when we say 'airplane tickets are so cheap,' we do not get a very accurate comment when we say it is more profitable on the bus because air tickets are not really cheap, only services are down, and became paid and seperated from the first ticket price you saw. Moreover, there is a new extra fee service every day and there are taxa



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Although we complain about it, air travel is still the most logical option when it is generally evaluated. Not only in terms of price, but also in terms of savings and comfort when it provides, and the rate of use of airplanes increasing by billions every year confirms this.