Why Astronauts Wear White in Field Quests?

We explain why astronauts and cosmonauts prefer white color during space missions, under the roof of three different reasons.

Even though technological developments in the distance since the first footsteps of the Moon have stepped in incredible dimensions, factor is still preserving its place. The costumes of astronauts and cosmonauts on duty are still the same color after decades. In this article, we will try to explain briefly why white color is the preferred main factor during space missions.


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First of all, one of the most basic reasons is that astronauts are more easily recognized. White color is of vital importance for the astronauts to be more noticeable in their task, both in the naked eye and in the satellite scans.


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Another factor is the variable temperature conditions of space. The astronaut clothing produced in white, with a number of customizations, in conditions of space based on high temperature and low temperature, plays an important role in the unusual distribution of high or low heat

As a third reason, it is aimed that the harmful and intense rays that may come from the sun during field work, such as in the heat factor, are attracted to the minimum level with the reflectivity of white color.