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In the world trade, the head of the United States and People's Republic of China, such as the World giants attract 2 countries. These 2 countries are always in competition with each other. This competition applies to all areas. In our country, it is suggested that every product made by China is made in bad merchandise. China

China and the US Competition

The second largest economy in the world China People's Republic This title was obtained by leaving behind Japan, which was second in the rankings before.

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It is on its way to great competition with the US, which has been in the first place for years, and occasionally major crises are forming between them. China has made great strides in the field of technology and the peak in imports. China's gross domestic product rose by 6.9% in 2017, becoming the fastest growing economy in the last 7 years. Turkey, as well as his 1st refer to imports in 2017 are still in China. The Chinese market is expanding day by day in our country in the globe not only those seen in Turkey.

really bad Chinese goods MI Produce?

 China really bad products
China really produces bad products

Of course, no, Chinese production produces according to each cut. This depends on the needs of each country. The sample iseka produces many varieties from the named product and all are in separate quality, and the materials of the products are best priced at the worst. The countries that will import them are importers who will buy the products in general. The importer usually chooses the cheapest product and imports it into his country's market. Gets from China to 50 cents will buy country 1 pound to. [19659010] have the company producing quality goods in China, our our importers ( majority of ) to import cheap and shoddy goods in line with the demands of the people, so China in Turkey gives the image of poor quality goods. So Chinese goods are not poor quality, the event ends with importers.

China's market is big in our country!

We explained the reason for this in bold letters above, but the reason is that the cheap goods are sold faster than the original ones and are cheaper by the citizens. event importers are also ending, of course country citizen also likes products that are cheap and will work. It is the duty of the importers to bring according to the wishes of the people. When importing quality goods from China, the importer may not be able to sell it, but when it comes to 2nd or 3rd quality products, it will be sold faster and more popular than the 1st quality product.

Almost every province and county has Chinese markets. Every citizen is shopping in these markets. When I go to the market in China, I have a lot of clicks. Obviously, of course, he does poorly in terms of quality compared to his compatriots.

When the Chinese Markets at age 7-8 started to enter the country, I heard that the Chinese market opened up to the bazaar. The little boy I imagined I heard was that Chinese merchants sold their Chinese products on the market. I know I went to the Chinese market in the bazaar to see Chinese people. Of course not everyone I think is from us, ie Turkish only products from China. 😀 Disappointing …

Turkey's Most imported products from China

 A portion of the products we receive from China
A portion of the products we receive from China

most from China in our country

  1. Telephone Devices, Audio, Video or Other Information Almond or Other Devices
  2. Automatic Computing Machines and Their Units; Magnetic or Optical Readers
  3. Lighting Equipment, Illuminated Panels, Illuminated Signs and Similar Items and Accessories
  4. Parts, Accessories and Accessories for Road Vehicles
  5. Tricycles, Scooters, Toy Dolls, Other Toys, Reduced Models
  6. Faucets, Valves for Pipes, Boilers, Tanks, Deposits and Similar Other Utensils
  7. Monitors and Projectors, Television Receiver Devices
  8. Electric Water Heaters, Electronical Devices, Ambient Heaters, Hair and Hand Dryers, Other items from plastic
  9. Leather and Wooden Case, Luggage, Suitcase, Document

And the list goes on.

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