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Kreated, an agency for brand design and the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) have now carried out a survey. The aim was to get a picture of how consumers currently rate sustainability and brands. The result was published in the sustainability magazine “Kreated 2021”. The key question in the survey of 100 people was: What is important to us? In life and in the shopping cart? Of those surveyed, around 62 percent were women and 38 percent men aged 16 to 65 or older with various educational qualifications, employment relationships and monthly incomes.

It is worth mentioning that 90 percent of those surveyed tend to pay more attention to sustainability than they did five years ago. As many as 99 percent of those surveyed buy sustainable products at least occasionally. The top three reasons to buy sustainable products were quality, design and sustainability. When it came to the criteria for selecting products, the respondents also named quality first, followed by practicality and ultimately sustainability.

Sustainability: Particularly important for everyday goods

Consumers pay particular attention to sustainability, especially when it comes to everyday goods such as food and beverages, health and hygiene products, as well as energy and heating. The awareness and popularity of a brand play a rather subordinate role. Electronic devices as well as finance and insurance are lagging behind and therefore currently play a rather subordinate role in the context of sustainability among the respondents.

When it comes to trust and sustainability, the respondents primarily rely on brands from sustainable start-ups. Established companies have a harder time gaining the trust of the consumers surveyed. Although the respondents believe that established brands in particular can make the most impact when it comes to the sustainability of their products and services.

Created sustainability

Reasons to Buy Sustainable Products

As a motivation for purchasing sustainable products, the participants stated that they are doing something for environmental protection, wanting to promote social justice and do something for health. But what does sustainability actually look like? The answer for the respondents was: close to nature and minimalist. Sustainability is important. This is shown not only by the result in the sustainability magazine 2021 by Kreated in cooperation with the HNEE, but also by numerous public debates about it.

In 2021, consumers will consciously choose environmentally and socially compatible products and will demand this even more in the future. But what does that mean for brands and companies? “If you want to be successful in the long term and want to establish a strong brand, you have to deal with the topic. Sustainability is thus becoming the default setting, a prerequisite for being able to play at all, ”says Ingo Hübner, Managing Partner of Kreated, with conviction.

Katrin Huber and Ingo Hübner are equal partners of the Kreated agency. (Image: Kreated)

The sustainability magazine 2021 by Kreated in cooperation with the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde can here can be downloaded for free. Created is an agency for brand design in Berlin and stands for the creation and implementation of unique brand appearances with emotional power. According to the credo “Thinking made visual”, Katrin Huber founded the agency in 2016 and last year brought Ingo Hübner on as an equal partner for strategic advice and customer care.

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