Why Did You Never Learn? What are the Reasons for Stretching?

One who resides in the same environment flexes our
stretching is inevitable. Well why did you ever think about it
Do you? Just like an infectious disease
A few details about the movement we have investigated for you. Human
the least information between the behavior and the exact reason
One of the most unexplained cases is stretching. First about yawning
The research was conducted by the Greek physician Hippocrates 2500 years ago. Work
as a result of yawning after the illness of the bad air in the body
cleaning function.

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There is no need to stretch someone just for yawning. Sometimes, thinking about this subject or even thinking about it causes this movement. There is no answer that scientists offer to the question whether yawn is infectious or not. Some people think that stretching is infectious, while some have decided that stretching is not infectious. The first question people looking for answers is the question . Some argue that the yawning is a sign of squeezing, while others argue that the flexion maintains the carbon dioxide and oxygen balance in the blood.

Oxygen Taking to the Body

carbon dioxide accumulating in the body with more oxygen intake as the cause
the conviction that it was to expel. But most researchers yawn

fatigue and sleep.

Excessive fatigue and sleep in your environment or
You can experience a lot of stretching without notice. Sometimes even
If we live in a stretch while chatting with someone ’iyle You're bored
we may even encounter. In fact, according to research, the reason for this situation is to be bored
also not get tired, cause less oxygen to the body caused by such cases

It is contagious

When we see one of us stretching
We can't keep from yawning. Even when yawning or yawning
even if it is considered, it is almost impossible not to experience this situation. Someone
you have to keep your mouth closed in order not to yawn. Even
let me give you a little secret; ’Ir Who knows how many times you are reading this article
an kan

Interesting Information about Stretching

Flexion is an event that accelerates blood flow. Just as fresh oxygen to the brain
it is like going. From this point of view the brains are more efficient
and it is possible to say that it contributes to more active study. Interesting information about stretching
also available. Share with you some information that you would be surprised to hear
I want;

  • Stretching mother's stomach, starting in the belly of the baby
    and supporting the development of the brain.
  • The first study on yawning was 2500 years.
  • The infectious effect of stretching was mostly done by the family of
  • People with a high ability to build empathy
  • The average yawn time is 6 seconds.
  • Stress and anxiety
    it is further increased.
  • It is valid for children with autism.
  • In case of excessive stretching, there may be signs of heart disease.

I noticed that I even flexed at least 5 times, even when I was writing this article . Who knows, maybe more. How many times are you going to stretch while you're reading? I think that yawning is really interesting. It is also a strange fact that there is no clear result in this matter. It is inevitable to admit that stretching has an infectious and impressive system.