Why do smartphones run out of charge quickly?

One of the biggest problems of smartphones are batteries. No matter how careful the users are, the lithium-ion batteries quickly discharge after a while. So why?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Now you can immediately process our smart phones we can handle it. But smartphones, which have such a big place in our lives, have a big problem. It is also owned by these smart phones lithium ion the life of the batteries after a while, and the discharge of the phone in hours.

Used in smart phones batteriesAccording to their structure, they begin to lose their capacity after a while. In this case, users have to use their smartphones connected to the chargers. In addition, depending on the usage of the phone, charging can be completed in a short time. So why? Now, we will quickly discharge your phone. mother reasons We will talk about.

Check what consumes your battery the most

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The devices that draw the most energy from the battery are the screens of the phones. Considering the size of the screens of today's smartphones, large screens directly affect the battery. Moreover, the high brightness values ​​and the panels of the smart phones that have been released recently have directly It can affect.

See how much your smartphone's screen affects your battery "Settingsdisplay technologies are moving much faster than battery technologies, and as such, displays problem are becoming.


There are some ways to reduce the battery consumption of your display. The first is the display brightness drop It will be. Also adapting the screen brightness will directly affect your battery time. This way you can extend your phone's battery time slightly. Also if your phone has different display refresher speed is also important to use at low speeds.

You can also be careful about wallpapers if you want the phone display to affect your battery less. Especially your phone OLED screen, black wallpapers will seriously affect your battery usage. Also, whether your display is AMOLED or not, active Using wallpapers will also increase battery consumption.

If your phone does not see cellular signals, it will consume more charge


Another issue that directly affects the battery life of your smartphone is cellular networks. So much so that your smartphone is constantly line calls. This directly affects battery consumption. Because the signals from the operator companies can be intermittently interrupted and these interruptions affect the batteries of the smart phones more.


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Of course there are some things you can do about it. For example, you can do research about the region where you live and find the operator company that is most suitable for you. You can choose. Also, if your phone doesn't need you much, put your phone in airplane mode. So you can minimize unnecessary battery consumption. And even if your phone is in airplane mode Wi-Fi connection, which means that you still have access to the Internet.

The fact that your phone is not receiving does not mean that the device uses less energy. The weaker the signal, the higher the power of the phone modem, the more it will try to find the signal. So the better your phone draws, the less power it can say.

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So far, we've talked to you about issues directly related to hardware or environmental factors. However, the things that exploit your phone's battery are not limited. The applications you install can sometimes consume your battery seriously due to compatibility problems or developer errors. You can see how much battery power your applications consume. follow You can.

The specifications of your phone also affect battery usage directly. For example, if you are leaving home, turn off Wi-Fi. So your phone will not waste battery where it stops. You can also use Bluetooth and GPS You can also turn off features such as In addition, your phone camera will also significantly increase battery consumption.


Researches, lithium ion batteries in extreme cold used to should reveal. According to experts, lithium-ion batteries can last longer when exposed to cold for a long time. they consume and this causes your battery to discharge faster. Therefore, carry your phone close to your body in cold weather. Thus, your body temperature will save your phone from the effects of cold.

If you are complaining about your battery running out quickly, you can pay attention to the above mentioned situations. measures You can take. However, you should remember that whatever you do, the capacity of your lithium-ion battery you can not prevent. Therefore, especially if you have a new phone, it is better to take various precautions to save the life of your battery.

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