Why is Bitcoin falling despite Consensus activity?

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $ 8.295 during the period of writing. Bitcoin may continue to gain value over the next few weeks. Bitcoin, according to most analysts after Consensus, could go up to $ 11,000. Although more than 8,000 participants came to the Consensus this year, it would be wrong to expect investors to look at them and make sales at high levels.

 Why is Bitcoin falling despite the Consensus activity
Why does Bitcoin fall despite the Consensus activity

Bitcoin will attract institutional investors after Consensus

In addition, the Bitcoin market has grown too much from the dominance of a group of several millionaires or a group of willing millionaires. But the interest of big investors has increased even more. Big investors have become billion-dollar corporate investors to invest in Bitcoin or other crypto parallels. However, they will not be able to change their rules for Bitcoin. They will use the same tactics to manipulate prices. Institutional investors can create walls and put up sales orders to prevent sudden price increases.

Bitcoin will change the rules of the crypto money market

It can be seen that Consensus 2018 has no impact on the price. However, it should not be forgotten that the rules of the game have changed significantly. As for the most important, the big players who try to enter the crypto paradigm like Nasdaq, the effect on Bitcoin is obvious in the near future. Many investors are waiting to join the game.

 Why does Bitcoin fall in spite of the Consensus activity
Why does Bitcoin fall in spite of Consensus activity

Why invest in a risky asset such as bitcoin? Investors who spend billions for the moment do not buy crypt money that suffers from sudden drops or rises. They wait until they hit the bottom before they make big purchases. At this time, these large purchases are increasing compared to 2013. Bitcoin seems to be following the same scenario as the big rally first gathered power.

When Bitcoin drops below $ 6,000, this scenario takes place

However, the moment you see the jump statement, the big money will jump on the train and the price will rise to new record levels in a few weeks. In this case, it would be too late for mid-level investors to be involved in the market. On the other hand, investments will manifest themselves in rapid recovery. Very fast profit sales will happen this time. Nobody can even find someone to sell crypto money out of the way.