Why is Coinbase Supporting the Ethereum Classic while Standing for Larger Crypto Covers?

Coinbase, the US's largest cryptographic exchange, recently announced that it will support the Ethereum Classic. The strange thing about Coinbase's statement is that the platform still does not support Ripple or EOS.

The platform made such a statement that a certain segment of the crypto money community was surprised because the Ethereum Classic is now the eighth largest crypto

Dan Romero, co-vice president of Coinbase, said that Coinbase is aware of a certain confusion in the crypto money community after he decides to support the ETC. According to Romero's statement, one of the main reasons why Coinbase has chosen ETC in particular is that it co-ordinates with local laws. Romero:

"The support of the ETC has confused some of them. As long as it is safe and legally compliant, we will add as much as we can add.

Why Ethereum Classic?

The Ethereum community has been working on this for a while now, to create a reliable brand and to comply with local legislation to provide people with direct access to currencies like USD, EUR,

As time progressed, the development process of the ETC spread among several different groups of developers as time progressed. . A large part of the current developmental period of the Ethereum Classic is managed by IOHK the founding team of Cardano formed by Charles Hoskinson, one of the founders of Ethereum.

, and the achievements of the ETC are beneficial to a single institution & organization. In other words, unlike crypto money, which is controlled by independent companies such as Ripple and EOS, ETC can be regarded as 'decentralized' in part.

Indeed, this is the main reason why Coinbase chooses ETC before Ripple.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that Coinbase will continue to support more coins, and that Coinbase will continue to support more coins,

It is also stated that in a statement made by Coinbase, the platforma is firstly tokens of the ERC20 standard and that the Bitcoin forks are to be added and then another crypto parallax is passed. Coinbase team:

"We have already stated that we have an intention to support the ERC20 technical standard and Bitcoin forklifts. We will also hear our intention to support the major assets in these categories. "