Why is it behind Google Blockchain technology?

One of Google's founders, Sergey Brin, said the technology giant could not be positioned at the summit of revolutionary technology known as block chain technology. Why is this comment behind Google Blockchain technology leaving a question mark in mind?

Sergey Brin, in a disappointing phrase during the Blockchain Conference in Morocco, said that Google has lost the chance to lead the Blockchain revolution:

I will probably be honest if we have not managed to be part of that technology.

] Working on Google Blockchain-based projects

Google's parent company, Alphabet president, nevertheless stated that multinational technology will not give up market opportunities.

Sergey Brin said that he did not have detailed knowledge of Blockchain and crypto money, but he did not have Ethereum (ETH) mining along with his son, although he has several times said he is working on new projects based on Blockchain technology.

Google is certainly no stranger to Blockchain technology, even if it misses the first round to join the technology boom.

Google's banned crypto advertising has created a shock on the market

This decision was made by the CEO of the Blackmore Group, the crypto money investment company, Phillip Nunn a "blind" interpreted by the "hypocritical". Null used the following phrases:

I understand that the users of Facebook and Google are under a lot of pressure to regulate what they read.

Phillip Nunn believes that the ban is a way to get rid of the competition with the lack of participation in promotions when the company is working on its own Blockchain-based projects:

In the near future, the bailout will have its own crypto currency

We can expect the technology giant to raise industry standards in the near future, even if Google is not fully involved in the technology revolution.


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