Why is the telegram important for ICOs and initiatives?

Encrypted messaging application The telegram plays an important role in ensuring that initiatives, including those relevant to ICOs, are secure.

According to the latest Forbes news, the Telegram promises to raise awareness for a first money offer, alias ICO the most commonly used messaging application is considered. ICOs have already announced market capitalization of up to $ 13.7 billion this year. This figure is the amount of capital that derives ICOs from the small business class. ICOs also allow organizations to finance capital outside traditional risk capital methods.

ICOs embrace Telegram after bans on advertising

As you know, early this year many companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook banned ICO advertisements . This has put companies in a very difficult way to promote token sales.

SharesPost CEO and John Wu, a broker / dealer operating for nine years and offering alternative trading licenses, says:

A telegram is a global company that operates in countries with different rules that you can sell to potential investors. There are some crazy things in the ICO market. These guys have incredible promises, such as big winnings for coins and a guarantee of working from home.

On the other hand, Wu points out that only 5 percent of these initiatives that are directed to Telegram will be able to raise funding and up to a percentage of them

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