Why Parachute is not available for passengers on airplanes

Some of us know there is no parachute on passenger planes, as some of us have never known.

One of the first thoughts that came to mind for anyone who learned that there was no parachute on the airplane was "I could save a lot of people's lives at the time of an accident so why not?" It will be. Indeed, in the first place, it is more logical to try your chances of parachuting than to wait for the inevitable end on a falling plane.

First of all, it is important to note that jumping with a parachute is a really difficult action, even under favorable conditions. If the conditions are not appropriate, even the most professional paratroopers can fail. What is the appropriate conditions for this? Let's just say; a constant altitude, a low speed, a height not exceeding 3500 meters.

So we have reached the first point: Airplanes fly too far to jump on parachute. "Do you want to jump when you lose altitude and fall below 3500?" If you think about it, this time the aircraft has an extremely high speed, causing trouble. In every scenario, the use of parachutes has no advantage.

The second reason is that the accidents take place very quickly. It takes only 3-4 minutes for some planes to crash from 10 thousand meters. It is not possible for everyone to get their parachutes and become ready to jump and jump in such a short period of time, even if the first pass of the win is passed. Even if everyone was ready to be attached to the back of a parachute, it would not be possible to organize people in that panic. Even if we have accomplished this impossible task, all these labor have no meaning for the first time.

The third reason is that it is extremely dangerous to open the doors of the plane to jump with parachute. Because you can not even stand to stand by the effect of high pressure, you can be dragged into the wings and engines as well as a bad scenario from being thrown into the void as well as being blown into the void. Let's all pass;

The fourth reason is that almost everyone will close knowing at that moment because of the oxygen deficiency and high pressure difference during the fall, even if all people are providing the parachute right-handed jumping in one way or another. In order to prevent this, everyone needs extra equipment such as oxygen cylinders, helmets, special flight uniforms.

Skipping with parachuting is an event that requires skill and experience. It is unlikely that someone who uses a parachute for the first time, even if he / she listens to all the instructions thoroughly, will not be able to accomplish this properly in the panic.


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It's not over, there's more. The sixth and last reason is that parachutes are very heavy and costly things. If you load parachute as many as the number of passengers, this will be enough to slow down the aircraft.

Here are the reasons why the parachute is not quite rightly held in the air, although it makes sense at first.

It is not a preferred situation for them to reduce the number of passengers and decrease the profit rate per flight.