Why Should You Trust Microsoft?

Microsoft has been successfully developing the world's most used operating system for years and ranks first among the most trusted despite increasing alternatives.

Since its foundation 43 years ago, Microsoft has been a leader in the technology industry. 88,4% of PC users all over the world are using Windows which is Microsoft's operating system, and if we consider PC usage rates by 2018, it means Windows is installed in a lot of computers.

However, Microsoft is sometimes criticized for not being successful enough with security. Although the assertive attitude of security of MacOS and some alternative operating systems brings with it this fact, it is not a very accurate interpretation because Microsoft constantly develops itself in every way and also takes alternative measures for security. In this list, we have compiled some features that will help you stop trusting Microsoft.

Windows Defender

Early versions of Windows were open to threats because they did not have a built-in antivirus program, and this was met with reaction. However, Microsoft took a precautionary approach and released a free antivirus program, which in turn provided full protection by integrating this program, called Microsoft Security Essentials, directly into the system. Although there is some disturbance from the past, Windows has been extremely successful in protection, and it has already come time to change.

Windows Hello

Microsoft used the Windows Hello feature with Windows 10 to provide login security and prevent privacy breaches in accounts. With this feature, it is possible to login with face recognition method without having to use password. It is also possible to login with the fingerprint in the same way. It is aimed at ensuring the security of the accounts in the best way and it can be said that it is very successful

Machine Learning and Social Engineering

Social engineering, in its simplest terms, is a method based on the acquisition of sensitive information by convincing people to share private information. If you think you are coming from your bank, a mail that has masterfully imitated your bank with all the details will get critical information from you. However, computers protected by Winows Defender are now preventing such attacks and doing this with machine learning.


Windows Defender has been developed by working with older versions of these malicious malware and malware.
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Digital Crime Unit

Microsoft's only security step is not to provide protection from individual devices. At the same time, there is a huge team working to prevent and investigate digital crimes. These trials, conducted by attorneys, researchers, data scientists, engineers, analysts and business experts with participants from over 30 countries, are a serious struggle with three major digital crimes; malware, phishing and child abuse images. It is known that Microsoft solves many problems in these areas, especially through artificial intelligence. Microsoft has also developed PhotoDNA, which all technology giants are currently actively using to detect and remove child abuse images.

Microsoft Edge Security

After Internet Explorer lags behind the browsers, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Edge as its new browser. One of Microsoft Edge's biggest claims is that Explorer's security problems will no longer be experienced. With security issues resolved by Windows, the browser is now protected in the same way. This browser, which is also integrated with Windows Hello, is now free from vulnerabilities.


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