Will Hugh Jackman Go Back To Wolverine? Controversy Flared

Hugh Jackman, who has become synonymous with the character of Wolverine, has re-energized the debate over the video that the player would play the iconic character again when he was sharing a video

. We're witnessing. The fact that a player pushing his muscles in the gym raises the question of whether the mind-actor is preparing a new role.


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Hugh Jackman, who had played Wolverine, one of the most iconic superheroes, shared his images on the gym and fans started to ask this question. A user says ”Bloggers will tell you that you're prepared to make a cameo in the Avengers land and another came Why are you working so hard? Wolverine will be back Wol wrote. A third user says, ta Your piece with Wolverine is ac You can do it, Hugh! Filmler he wrote. It is unlikely that since the acquisition of Fox, the owner of Marvel, has resulted in the acquisition of Fox

two years ago after the film Logan, Jackman said that Wolverine would no longer be. If Jackman Wolverine had been in the MCU, maybe he would have continued, he said, so it wouldn't be very clear what would happen. Nevertheless, we will see another Wolverine in the X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, which is another – and still more consistent – claim.


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Hugh Jackman's use of the #cameo tag in his tweet causes fans to get more confused.

The future of the Wolverine character and the question of whether Jackman will return to the role seems to be a topic to be discussed at all times.