Will Save People From Social Media Dependence

Think of a phone that has a very good camera and can only make calls. This interesting design, which ignores all other features, was designed by a Colombian designer.

The development of the phones has resulted in social media involving our lives in incredible dimensions. In the past, the phones that people used to call or send messages only reached different dimensions now. Now that our phones have become able to control our health, and it seems a bit difficult for us to break. Designer Miguel Harry has designed a remarkable phone in order to break the link to the phones.

According to Colombian designer Miguel Harry, there are two things that are important to a phone, the ability to take photos and make calls. The artist, who has developed free designs, has also designed an interesting phone that looks like soap. Harry identified the name of his model as Moto Zen, found in the Zen philosophy atif, which is seen as a way of seeing man's inner self and the depth of his inner structure and leading to freedom from addiction. He expects to prototype in 2017 because he has not made any brand initiatives for the design he completed in his drawings.



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With this design, Harry believes that phones should be simpler, giving people the message "win back your life that phones have gotten back". Some projects of the artist who has signed many designs have been passed on. With rounded lines and minimal design, perhaps the project could have caught the attention of the project if it had been passed on. Miguel Harry's project is one of the strongest, as many projects have been designed so that people who live their social media-focused life can see the beauty of life. You can also browse the designers' site here for other designs.