Will the BNB rally continue? Two different estimates from two analysts

Binance's crypto money BNB has been continuing its rise since last December. Crypto money was trading at $ 4 in December and climbed to $ 35.5 today. It is possible to say that BNB has increased by 760 percent compared to 6 months ago.

How long can this increase increase? Josh Rager, a crypto-money analyst who commented on this issue, said the rumors of margin trading would push the price up a little bit more, but he added that he expects the BNB to make a bloody correction in the future

. it's a correction. düzeltme The analyst predicts that the BNB could exceed $ 40.

On the other hand, another analyst, Jacob Canfield, unlike Rager, would take the majority in the margin trading market, which is owned by BitMax and Bitfinex.

Canfield claims that Binance will seize this market, causing BitMEX to experience serious lag problems with errors in ordering orders during volatility, while Bitfinex's platform

The Binance Coin is changing the hand at $ 34.9 as of July 21, 2014.

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