Wind turbines will soon only flash when needed

Wind turbines will soon stop flashing at night. The Federal Council approved an amendment to the general administrative regulation on the marking of aviation obstacles on Friday. In the future, wind turbines will only light up when there is actually an aircraft nearby. This should alleviate the burden on residents. Now the federal cabinet has to agree, then the new regulation can come into force.

At the end of 2016, the environment ministers of the federal states had asked the federal government to check the need-based lighting of wind turbines. "It annoys many people when wind turbines flash continuously at night and it never gets completely dark," explained Robert Habeck, the then Minister of the Environment and Energy Transition in Schleswig-Holstein at the time.

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The expansion of wind energy declined sharply last year, states the Federal Ministry of Economics, In 2019, only 276 new wind turbines were commissioned with a total output of 940 megawatts. Compared to the previous year, this is a decrease in output of more than 60 percent, compared to the average of the expansion of the past five years a decrease of 77 percent. Against this background, Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier presented a wind action plan; This includes the need-based night-time labeling for wind turbines.

From July 1, 2020, the new law should come into force so that wind turbines only flash when a flying object is approaching, explains Dark Sky GmbHwho works on technology for needs-based flashing. According to their information, around 18,000 systems must be equipped with night markings (BNK) that are tailored to their needs. The first BNK test circuits took place in the Uckermark in August 2019.


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