Windows 10's New Feature to Display SMS's

Like Apple's iMessage feature, it brings SMS to Windows 10 Insider at Microsoft.

The message part of your new mobile phone, which will be coming soon, will be able to be controlled from Windows 10 devices as well. This new feature will allow you to read messages from your integrated Windows 10 without removing your phone from your pocket;

This new business unit of Android and Microsoft will provide an integrated message box. According to Microsoft's statement Friday, Windows 10 Insiders added SMS features. This means that Windows will be available for a few weeks with the upcoming update on October 10.


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Microsoft is not the first company to run SMSs with computers. Earlier, Apple had developed this idea into a "iMessages" and developed a common kind of message box for Mac devices from iPhones. In addition to Apple, Google's Messages for Web app offers a similar feature.