With Tesla Model 3, 830 Kilometers Road is Single Charged!

Sean M. Mitchell succeeded in breaking the record by reaching 830 kilometers

. Nowadays there is no doubt that electric cars will be a good alternative to cars with internal combustion.


However, it is not clear that electric cars are more likely to be electric cars than electric cars, which are shorter than internally-burning automobiles.
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Sean M. Mitchell, chairman of the Denver Tesla Club, was able to sit down on a Tesla Model 3 steering wheel and break the longest distance travel record on a single charge with an electric car, reaching 830 kilometers on a single charge. According to Tesla's official statement, the Model 3 has a maximum range of 500 km with a single charge

Mitchell, who broke the record, said that the car still had 10kWh of energy when he finished his trip. According to Mitchell, a person who pushes Model 3 to the end can reach up to 960 kilometers in maximum range. That means reaching almost twice Tesla's official statement.


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But this distance was certainly not reached by ordinary everyday driving. On a journey of about 18 hours, Mitchell drove the car at an average speed of 50km / h to reach maximum efficiency. He did not activate the autopilot at all and used 18-inch Aero wheels to reach the longest range.