Woman Having One Of The World's Strangest Diseases

Milena Canning probably suffers from one of the diseases not seen in world history. Scientists and doctors are now extracting the most detailed brain map that has come to solve this problem.

There are many rare diseases in the world. However, the symptoms, symptoms, or causes of these diseases can be similar. Milena Canning, who lives in Scotland, was the first in the history of neurology

At the age of 48, Canning can not see anything unless we can detect any movement, like enemies we have encountered in some games and hid our breath and hid. Until he was 30 years old, Canning, who had no symptoms of this disease and had a healthy life, entered the post-respiratory tract 18 years ago. The woman, who was in a coma for 8 months, woke up with this strange illness when she woke up.

Canning first discovered that what she could see was a gift package that resembled the splendor of fireworks, she also discovered that she could see moving objects.


In the early 1900's, Canning was able to see the visuals when his arms were shaking swiftly, for example, he could see the rain movements in the window when it was raining,
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Canning, who finds that the scientists are able to capture the crowd of people with a bright color that is rolling to him, yet perceives the movement of a hand or finger made in front of their eyes from a normal man. Scientists continue to work periodically to find solutions to their problems.