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In the 90s, family dads generally favored not employing their husbands, there are still men with this idea. But nowadays livelihoods and the fact that the woman is different from the men are favored by the masses, so they favor the work of many male partners. There was even a community that did not marry a woman who did not want to work. Women will be able to stand on their feet, and what will happen when they are living!

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Decide if a woman is working or not? Is it true that a woman is not working? Should she sit at the woman's house, should she be confused? Is she a woman? ” width=”500″ height=”300″ data- data-/>

Women and Work by Men

Some Articles I See About Women's Work About Women's Work

Comments on Women's Work 1

If you want a good future, both the woman and the man should work. If her children do not want to say "My family did not leave me a sock" in the future, she should add salt to the soup in this way. " The men bring the prey to the house The woman is born to live in the house " The devil is still in the old days.

A Comment on Women's Work 2

A woman must learn how to earn money, and when she comes home with money, she spends her unhappy money and says that the money is over. When you learn how to earn money you will ask yourself 2 times should I take it? Do I need that? He said.

Comment on Women's Work 3

Women who have worked but have to stop working until they have raised their children when they are children can stand on their own feet it can be resumed from where it was once again in business life.

I think that the reason why I write this is because when I have children, I have to work and keep a caregiver for my children if they do not get a salary of 5 thousand pounds. If it is in the yobaz head, the situation is as follows; The woman who has brought her seated wife home at the woman's home should look after her children only. He should not even get out of the house.

Does my own comment women work?

I think we should leave it to women, and women should make their own decisions about whether or not they work. The woman who does not want to work today is very few, I do not think she will be a woman who does not want to be a career owner.

The most intensive thought is that if a woman works, she puts on her own feet if she gets more money than her husband does not listen to the wife's words and there are problems in the family. No, this is the case even if you do not work, so do not try this situation for a woman to work. I know a lot of fathers but a family man who does not go out of his wife's name but does not work.

The Big Factor on Not Working Women

A second issue is jealousy, which is actually based on jealousy, which is why men do not work their husbands. Many men do not want to keep their wife in an environment where there are other men. Over time, ladies were not given much work at work, and this problem is now resolved. Without any difference, women can work in any workplace. In other words, women are more involved in daily life. In fact, in recent years in the business sector many men are needed.

Yesterday I saw a woman who was taking workplace services and was using the huge service you know, leaving the nation home.

Do not force your wives to leave their decision to work and also cheat on your jealous friends when they are cheating on you while you are working at the workplace. Get your head out of the sand.

Working Woman Late Aging! Do not forget that, men. 🙂

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I look forward to your comments on the work of women friends