Women's Ability to Navigate Gender Equality

The main aim The deviation of the direction of a research, which is the result of defensive disease, revealed how the directional capabilities of women changed. For many years scientists have suggested that women are worse off than men in tracking navigation or reading maps.

Over the years, scientists have suggested that women are worse than men in navigating or reading maps. Now, this blood is still valid as a result of research carried out by more than half a million people in 57 countries. Yes, women are still worse than men in finding directions. Why?


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In the survey, the ability to navigate in countries like Britain and Australia, where women have progressed in the workplace and society,

In the countries where women are under male domination in professional and social terms, this ability has been observed to decrease.

The French National Scientific Research Center. Antoine Coutrot, the findings of the research do not depend on the difference in the cognitive abilities of men and women; and the cultural factors such as the role of women in society. According to another research, the most important factors in comparing the success of women and men in the field of mathematics are gender equality and culture of the country.


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success of the research results generated at table # 43 out of 57 countries ranks Turkey. At the bottom of the list are India and Egypt. The top 5 most successful driving directions for women drivers are Finradia, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada and Norway.