WordPress provider Automattic: money injection for riot messengers

New Vector, the startup behind the Messenger Riot, has received $ 4.6 million in venture capital from WordPress service provider Automattic. New Vectors application Riot relies on the decentralized, free messaging protocol Matrix and is one of the reference clients for it. New Vector is also prominently involved in the development of the matrix protocol.

It's probably not just about money – Automattic, led by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, is looking for ways to dock the Matrix ecosystem with WordPress, says a blog post by New Vector. There are still no concrete projects to combine the technologies. The collaboration was still in an early phase and Automattic had only one so far Developer position for a matrix wordpress integration advertised.

The matrix ecosystem has recently had a significant upswing: In Germany, the Bundeswehr plans to use Matrix as a messaging solution with Riot as client software in the future. The French government, in turn, also relies on Matrix and has developed a riot fork name Tchap as an internal messenger app. Any integration of Matrix into WordPress could give the project additional momentum – it is estimated that around 60 million websites worldwide are operated via the content management system.

Automattic, founded in 2005, operates and other online services such as Tumblr and Woocommerce. WordPress itself is an open source project that is being developed by a dedicated community. After seed funding of $ 5 million in 2018 and another $ 8.5 million last September, startup New Vector, founded in 2017, has now been financed with a total of $ 18.1 million.


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