World Bank: Turkey economy will shrinking 3.8%

In the first report of the year by the World Bank for Turkey’s economy it had a growth forecast of 3.0%. According to the latest reports published, our economy will experience a contraction of 3.8% this year.

The World Bank shares the forecasts of the countries’ economic conditions with the reports it publishes. In a report released in certain months, the delegation explaining that gross domestic product growth and shrinkage values ‚Äč‚Äčabout values, announced in June his views on Turkey.

The World Bank, in January, the report called Global Economic Outlook for sharing, Turkey’s economy in 2020 3.0% growth had announced that he was waiting. In April, the delegation changed its ideas about the growth rate, the calculated growth rate Pulled to 0.5%. As Turkey’s economy if the current report published today 3.8% contraction It was expected to live.

According to the World Bank, Turkey’s economy will shrink:

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The previous report shows the value of our country’s gross domestic product for 2021. Will increase 4.0% but in the new report published today, this value A 5.0% It was removed. As it is understood from the new report, although the state of the economy does not seem heartwarming this year, a positive increase can be seen next year.

Sharing its comments globally, the World Bank reduced its 2020 growth rate in its new report compared to its previous report. The delegation, which declared the new contraction percentage as 5.2, gave us good news for 2021. It seems that the growth rate will increase from 2.6% to 4.2% in 2021 when there will be no contraction like 2020.

Sharing its June views on the US economy, the World Bank revised the 1.0% growth rate it shared in its previous report and 6.1% shared as. For 2021, a growth is expected in the USA, just like in our country. In the report, the delegation increased its growth percentage from 1.7 to 4.0 for 2021. Euro Zone For 2020, the forecast was 1.0% growth but this value was changed to 9.1% contraction.

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For the developed economies, the World Bank said that it will experience a 7.0% contraction in 2020, adding that the developing economies will contract by 2.5% this year, but can grow by a percentage of 4.6% in 2021.

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