World May Not Be Ready for Non-Perforated Phones

The connection points on the phones have been slowing down recently. This process, which starts with headphone input, has reached the endless phone numbers. The phones, which are not ported by Meizu and Vivo, may seem perfect, but the world may not be ready for phones that are not currently connected to the port.

Meizu Zero, the world's first single smart phone with no physical keys or connections, a very important device. Leaving aside all the old technology, a virtual power button, eSIM support, embedded fingerprint reader and 18 W wireless charging support, Meizu Zero can use the mSound 2.0 in-screen audio technology to vibrate the screen correctly and use it as a speakerphone.

The Vivo Apex 2019 concept eliminates the front camera by aligning the rear camera with the body. Powered by 12 GB of RAM, this device takes the idea of ​​a hole-free phone a step further. VIVO Apex 2019 using Snapdragon 855 uses a Qualcomm X50 modem that is 5G compliant.


            Vivo Apex 2019 Introduced

Vivo claims that the fingerprint reader can detect at almost the entire screen. For those who are worrying about charging and transferring data without a port, Vivo has developed a device called nok MagPort ham which prevents the device from being literally hole-free.

In today's world, devices without a port are unfortunately not valid. The most important example of this is the response and the problems after the removal of the headphone jack. The biggest problem of a device without a full hole is the problem of wireless charging. You need to leave the phone to a panel for wireless charging operation. This does not really offer a wireless charging experience.


            The World's First Smart Phone Meizu Zero Introduced

Both Meizu Zero and Apex 2019 show the sound quality of the screen speakers. This technology seems to be a very successful initiative to reduce the number of holes on the phone in future smartphones. Especially in the US, we cannot say that good operator support is at the same level in other countries. The fact that operators offer eSIM support for iOS primarily is a major disadvantage for Android devices.

The fact that the infrastructure of 5G technology, which allows users to quickly send and receive data, is not ready yet, indicating that this feature is not currently available. Even the number of devices with 5G support is quite low. Although Apex 2019 has a 5G modem, Vivo announced Apex 2019 as a concept. This means that Apex 2019 may never go on sale.

All these disadvantages do not mean that non-perforated devices are not important. It is clear that these phones are laying the foundations for the technologies we will use in the near future. The problems seen in these devices will also determine what needs to be paid more attention to in future smartphones.


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