World Record-Breaking Drone Promotion From Genesis

Genesis used 3,281 drones in a logo promotion event organized in China. The company, which broke the world record at this event and registered this record in the Guinness Book of Records, also revealed the latest point of drone technologies.

The handsome concept vehicle that continues its commercial life as Hyundai’s sub-brand and named X last week. introducing GenesisThis time, it is on the agenda with a different topic. The company, which performed a show with drones that have entered our lives in the past years and are becoming more popular with each passing day, is a to the world record signed.

Organizing an event in Shanghai, China Genesis, as part of this event, of your logo promoting realized. Using 3,281 drones in this show, the company broke a world record while promoting its logo gloriously. Genesis, the promotional event Guinness World Recordsalso registered with.

Genesis introduced its logo with the drone show like this


Genesis has been getting more and more popular in recent years. With the widespread use of electric motor vehicles, the company shifted its work to this area, in the countries it serves continues to be appreciated by consumers. However, the introduction of the logo directly affects not only the automobile industry, but also the drone industry, which is becoming increasingly popular. Because the activities with drones are getting more and more it’s getting more.


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Drones have been aired for Intel multiple times before. The company was most recently at a show in 2018 2.066 drone He broke a record with. A few months after this event, an event was held in Russia. 2.200 drone was used. In September 2020, a company called Shenzhen Damoda, 3.051 pieces He had his name written in the Guinness Book of Records using a drone. Now Genesis, with its logo promotion, has signed the event that is carried out using the most drones in the world.

By the way, drones have been attracting our attention for a while. Even recently Our YouTube channelConfronted an FPV drone manufactured by DJI and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. If you still haven’t watched that video, you here look forward to the link.

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