World's First Male Birth Control Method Awaiting Approval

In addition to female-centered birth control methods, the world's first male-centered birth control method was developed. Researchers reported that the success rate of this method was 97.3%.

Variety Nowadays birth control methods. Almost all of these methods are women-oriented. However, researchers added the world's first male contraceptive method to these control methods.

According to the scientists who initiated the research, there is still a period of seven to eight months for the product to take place, but Dr. R.S Sharma, Hindustan Times'a in a statement “The product is now ready, only regulatory approval is required.Kul he said.

Application of birth control method


New birth control method developed, sperm tunnels with an injection. Local anesthesia will be applied to the male in this operation which will be performed in the channel closest to the testes in the male body.

Effect of the drug 13 years and will replace vasectomy. Dr. Sharma said that they achieved a success rate of 97.3% in clinical trials and that there were no reported side effects.

The birth control form is called a polymer and consists of a long, repetitive molecule chain of birth control drugs. Styrene Maleic Anhydride is found in the contraceptive components.

Dr. Sharma told Hindustan Times “The product is the world's first male birth control can be called ” said. Scientists are now awaiting approval in India for medicine.

Male Contraceptive Pill


Earlier this year, men birth control pill The results of the study related to. In a clinical trial of 40 healthy men, some of the participants had side effects such as fatigue, headache, acne, decreased libido, and erection problems. In the clinical trial, 5 (17 percent) of the participants had decreased sexual drive and 2 (7 percent) had erection problems, but no decrease in sexual activities.


Male Birth Control Pill Developed for the First Time Without Harm to Human Health

One of the partners of the research, Dr. Christina Wang said the early results were promising, and safe, reversible hormonal male birth control could be implemented within 10 years.

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