World's Top 500 University Announced

METU Informatics Institute URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance) organized a collage study by bringing together the 'Best Universities' researches prepared in 2018.

The METU Informatics Institute signed a very interesting study. The world's top universities which lists research institutions, many times what the university from was under evaluation by lists made so far and Turkey explored girebildiğini to this list.

When the data of the major organizations that determine the success of universities in Turkey are analyzed, published in 2018, 11 different sort in the first A total of 9 universities were able to enter 500. Among them, METU 4, Boğaziçi 3, Istanbul 3, Koç 3, Sabancı 3, İTÜ 2, Hacettepe 2 rankings, Bilkent 2, TOBB-ETÜ once found the list.

Webometrics, SCIMago, US News and World Report , QS, THE, Leiden (CWTS), CWUR, RUR, ARWU, NTU and METU Informatics Institute lists all of the organizations, Hacettepe, Istanbul, ITU and METU has managed to find a place on all the lists.

President of URAP Dr. Ural Akbulut, related to the research said:

"In general, the status of our universities in the rankings in the last 15 years was quite good. However, in the last 4-5 years, the rate of increase in the rankings of many universities has declined. Some of our universities have started to decline.

The number of scientific articles of our universities has increased continuously since 2010. However, during this increase, the number of articles in the top journals has not been increased; The efforts of our university administrators to direct academic members to journals with a high impact value are very useful. The effects of these efforts of managers will be felt in time. "


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