Worst Netflix Original Contents of the Last 10 Years

Although Netflix continues to excite cinema lovers with many successful productions in the past and today, the company's bad production is not gone. Here is the worst original content of Netflix based on IMDb scores:

Netflixhas changed the world of film and television since its inception. The company presented a wide range of films and series that appeal to users of all ages. era started. Since 2013, he has started shooting his own productions. Netflix Original Contents called.

Many of Netflix’s content has been well received and well received. Among these productions The Punisher, Daredevil, House of Cards and Arrested Development productions such as. But the fact that many productions are loved does not mean that all productions will be good. That's why you're based on your IMDb scores. Netflix’s worst 10 original content We quote:

10. Paris Is Us:

netflix paris is us

IMDb score: 4.5

Starring in 2019 Noemi SchmidtPlays Anna. Anna meets a man during a concert and falls in love immediately. However, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Anna's perception of reality begins to change. At this point, the film is constantly moving forward and backward in time. For this reason, many viewers are undecided about where the film wants to go.

9. Natale A 5 Stelle:

netflix 5 star christmas

IMDb score: 4.4

From Italian to Turkish5 Star ChristmasThe film is about an Italian politician who visits Hungary. But during his visit, he meets his political rival, his lover, and things get out of hand.

8. All About the Washington:

netflix all about the washington

IMDb score: 4.3

This series started in 2018, Washington family as his fictionalized autobiography. Known as Rev Run, Joseph Washington decides to leave the music industry. This means two things for the family: First, Joseph can now take care of his children. Second, his wife Justine will be able to work on their career plans.


netflix sabrina

IMDb score: 4.2

Sabrina, The Doll is the third film in the series. In the horror genre, Vanya persuades her friends to reclaim her soul after her mother's death. The rest is the story we know, the soul comes in, it goes into a baby.

6. Mercy:

netflix mercy

IMDb score: 4.1

Made in 2016 Mercytells a broken family. Grace, a mother of four, is on her deathbed and her children are not at home. The father of two children, his former wife, Grace's children a great heritage n. Leaves. This makes the two brothers clash with the other two brothers.

5. Paradox:

netflix paradox

IMDb score: 3.8

Canadian legend artist Neil Young starring Paradoxis going on at an uncertain time in the future. Young and bandit group narrated in the film is scattered throughout the musical scenes.

4.Chasing Cameron:

netflix chasing cameron

IMDb score: 3.7

Chasing Cameron series, Cameron Dallas is a social media influencer. However, since the 2016 series does not have a clear plot, it fails to attract many people. Netflix also has to terminate the array.

3.Bill Nye Saves the World:

netflix bill nye saves the world

IMDb score: 3.6

Bill Nye's starring Netflix reveals original content, scientific legends and facts. The only problem with this series, which looks good in concept, is that it doesn't meet the expected.

2. Richie Rich:

netflix richie rich

IMDb score: 3.3

Jake Brennan's Richie Rich In this series, Richie becomes a trillionaire. If you remember the cartoon of the same name when we were little, this series is about the same character. However, no one's interest in the series of bad acting and script.


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1. The Open House:

netflix the open house

IMDb score: 3.2

We're on the crown of our list. This horror film, shot in 2018, is about a mother and her teenage son. Like the classic horror movies, the supernatural beings are the home of the duo. But this movie is one of the classic horror movies. gives you a worse experience.

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