X-Force will be released before Deadpool 3

Deadpool, which we saw on the big screen for the first time in February 2016, was very popular and the second film was released last year. Even though Ryan Reynolds, who had played Deadpool, said the third film was coming, it was all the information we had.

Ryan Reynolds, who had joined Lorraine to promote the film when Deadpool 2 first appeared, said that the third film would definitely come, but avoided giving details: "Yes, the costume is still standing. Also, Hugh Jackman shows his claws again every week." "

In the following films, the Wolverine cameo seems a little bit distant, but the film's writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, recently made a statement to ScreenRant about the third film. X-Force will be released before Deadpool 3 arrives, the duo said:

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"So far, according to the chronology we've created, X-Force will be before Deadpool 3. In fact, Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, The Avengers 1, will fit the Iron Man 3 model. Dew Goddard takes on the script and the directing work, at least the current plan is like this, so we're not involved in the making of the film, although it's a bit too early to talk about the fact that Deadpool 3 is going to happen one time. aryo

Digital According to Spy, X-Force is being developed since 2013 by 20th Century Fox. As the name suggests, X-Force is an X-Men spin-off series. If we recall a part of the X-Force team consisting of a group of mutants who prefer the X-Men to solve the problems despite the resemblance to X-Men, we met in Deadpool 2.


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