Xbox Series S: Microsoft controller confirms smaller game console

The references to the Xbox Series S game console as the little brother of the Xbox Series X and successor to the Xbox One S are becoming increasingly dense. Twitter user “Zak S” says he has bought an upcoming Xbox controller on the OfferUp marketplace and has proven its authenticity with pictures and videos. If it is a fake, it has worked extremely well.

In addition to the announced Xbox Series X, the packaging and manual of the controller also explicitly name an Xbox Series S. Microsoft has not yet revealed the latter, but details about it have been increasing since last year.

The controller itself comes with a somewhat smaller casing than the Xbox One generation, which means that it should be better in smaller hands. The share button in the middle and the adapted D-pad at the bottom left are also new.

It was not until June 2020 that it became known that current development kits for the Xbox Series X have a second test profile with which the performance can be reduced to that of the Xbox Series S. To do this, it reduces the clock frequencies and partially deactivates processing units and part of the memory. The graphics unit should come up with 4 TeraFlops of computing power; eight Zen-2 cores would clock a little slower than the Xbox Series X. Games could also use 7.5 GB of RAM. For comparison: The Xbox Series X has 12 TeraFlops and releases 13.5 GB of memory for games.

Internally, the Xbox Series S apparently bears the code name Lockhart (Xbox Series X: Anaconda). The data speak in favor of a cheaper offshoot that enables full HD gaming with 1920 × 1080 pixels and possibly a lower refresh rate and fewer graphic details.


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