Xiaomi – Internete Connectable Air Conditioning Mijia

China-based electronics giant Xiaomi produces many devices besides smartphones.

In the future, devices that will not even come to mind are going to be connected to the internet. It is not a coincidence that many technology companies have been producing intelligent home appliances, assistant assisted speakers in recent years. Xiaomi, who can not give any anticipation about artificial intelligence software, introduces his home smart air conditioner.

Before going to the features of the air conditioner called Mijia, it is necessary to mention its price. The price of Xiaomi's low price policy is below $ 300. We have to say that the price of cooling systems, especially the ones that can be connected to the internete, has decreased considerably.

Mijia represents Xiaomi's official introduction to the field of home appliances:

The images shared by the company's Weibo account also showed that it was a very stylish product in terms of design. This device, which performs satisfactorily in terms of energy efficiency, is controlled by its own mobile application.

Mijia App does not have the air conditioning control:

The application removes the necessity of being close to the device since the air conditioner operates in connection with the internete. When you approach your house, you can open your air conditioner and you get a cool environment that does not get in. Of course, similar services are also possible with the partnership of different companies of Siri or Google Now. You can even give voice commands to them instead of practicing them.

Mijia, which will be sold in China since July 24, is a small company under the Xiaomi ecosystem. There is another company called Yunmi who will produce household appliances under the supervision of the firm and it is expected to produce a refrigerator.