Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition Introduced Endurance Test

Xiaomi's most noticeable phone Mi 8 Explorer Edition, in the endurance test

Xiaomi's new flagship series Mi 8's design and innovative features of the prominent model of the Explorer Edition, a little late on sale output. The device was launched in the global market under the name Mi 8 Pro after it was sold in China.

The Mi 8 Explorer Edition, which impresses its design with its transparent back cover, is a new breath to the world of Android with its fingerprint reader and iPhone X-like 3D face recognition technology embedded on the screen. brought. JerryRigEverything, which puts every phone in the endurance test and even makes the back cover of some of them transparent, has also carried out a durability test

. From the sixth stage onwards, the screen starts to look scratch-resistant. The cameras and the back cover are quite robust, and the sides of the phone are just as stiff as many other rivals.


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The Mi 8 Explorer Edition, which has been permanently damaged by the combustion test, is impressive with its resistance to bending testing. One of Xiaomi's most expensive devices, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, is sufficiently robust.